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 Sell and Save

During their first month find , babies grow, and they grow fast.

Don’t need it? Sell your baby items .

Money made from the sales can be saved in an automated savings platform like fundall

Save items that can be used for t house he future (or if you’re planning to have baby #2 sometime in the future). Buy items that are reusable and easy to store for the future. You or someone you know could always use the play mat over and over again in the future.

Purchase items that can only fit in the sp business ace of your baby nursery. If your baby nursery is too cluttered, then it’s probably a good sign that you’re buying too many things for your baby.

Find a product you love? Hold your horses. Shopping around for a better price can help you save enough for future splurges.

Here’s a pro-tip: purchase things with dual or multi-purpose like a convertible crib. A changing table with built-in cabinets or crib that you can turn into a small bed once your baby is big enough can help seize and use that space wisely in the nursery.

Budget, Borrow and Buy Used or Generic 

Budget wisely. Budget wisely and re-prioritize your life and your expenses.

If you ever find yourself questioning yourself about purchasing those cute flowery baby bottles, always think twice and ask, “does my baby really need this right now?” and often times, the answer to that is usually a hesitant no from a partner who is trying to save money. Budgeting wisely avoids the unnecessary headaches that come with urgent baby bills.

Borrow if you can. If you have any family members or friends who had kids that outgrew their crib, bassinet, or even their baby books, ask if you could borrow these items. They might even let you keep it or have it for an inexpensive price. Borrowing items will save you a ton of money in the long run, especially with items that your baby will outgrow quickly.

There is no harm in buying the generic brand. Your baby will never notice if his walker was from an upscale brand or a generic one

Friends and Family Plan

Use your friends and family for babysitting


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